KRZYMOWSKI advokater.


Krzymowski Advokater was established in 2010. Our practice specializes in dispute resolution, transactions, and advisory services. We provide legal representation to businesses, corporate management, governmental institutions, municipalities, and private individuals on matters concerning ownership, management, and the sale of companies and properties.

Our firm has its origins in a family business established in 1988, which focused on transaction advisory. We have preserved and expanded upon this legacy.


Dispute Resolution

We provide assistance to companies, authorities, and organizations in disputes heard in general courts and arbitration proceedings. Our scope of work encompasses various types of disputes, such as those arising from corporate acquisitions, real estate transactions, commercial agreements, leases, services, and entrepreneurial activities.

Examples of the issues we routinely handle include disputes regarding compensation rights and the liability of advisors, commercial lease law matters, examination of detailed development plans and building permits, as well as disputes concerning rescission, price adjustments, and damages arising from corporate acquisitions.

Our work often begins with advisory services in the initial stages, which may involve strategic planning, positioning, and risk analysis. Additionally, we offer independent assessments in conjunction with dispute resolution processes.



KRZYMOWSKI routinely aids clients in corporate transfers and property transactions. With significant expertise, we offer guidance on purchases, sales, and restructuring initiatives. Our portfolio of assignments encompasses the transfer of property management companies (including office buildings, public buildings, and apartment buildings), firms engaged in construction and property services, public relations, corporate services, media enterprises, as well as hotel and restaurant ventures.

We are frequently involved at the outset of transactions, enabling us to provide valuable input during the structuring phase. Throughout the entire transaction process, we manage all aspects and collaborate with clients to devise efficient sales and acquisition strategies.


Second opinions, Investigations & Education

At times, sound legal counsel is essential. We conduct thorough examinations of circumstances, engage in negotiations, and prepare agreements, or provide support in the investigation of intricate legal matters. Comprehensive understanding is fundamental in averting disputes. Consequently, we provide educational courses, seminars, and lectures to aid corporate management in mitigating the risk of avoidable and costly conflicts.



We specialize in commercial contract and lease law, regularly representing parties in the drafting and negotiation of complex agreements, renegotiations, and terminations across multiple industries. In the real estate sector, we also assist our clients with inventory and analysis of lease portfolios for efficiency and risk mitigation.